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Your name could soon be on a cheque like this if you play the UK lottery with VIRTUAL WORLD DIRECT.

Improve your Odds
Like most people, you've probably played countless lottery games and spent a Small fortune in the process with little or no success.

Virtual World Direct has developed the e-Lottery system which massively improves your chances of winning - not just any lottery - but one of the richest tax free, lump sum lotteries in the world!

This Offer is Open to a Global Market, It Does Not Matter Where You Live!

... 1 in 13 chance of winning any Lotto cash prize.

... 88 chances of winning a week.

... Play from anywhere in the world.

... Brilliant rewards programme, which can quickly lead to 'playing at no direct cost' to yourself.

... You have your own website, complete with innovative facilities.

... Alternatively, you might be interested in building a business and earning commission

... Full back up and support is only a telephone call or e-mail message away.

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One of the world's biggest tax free, lump sum jackpots.

The draws are made twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Jackpots can often reach 31,275,496.42 USD
with total prize funds topping 39,847,481.99 USD

Better Odds....
With a single line entry your chances of winning the UK Lotto Game jackpot are approximately 14 million to 1. Every week people in their millions try to beat the odds and strike it lucky. The good news is, as a member of Virtual World Direct playing in an e-Lottery syndicate, your chances of winning are dramatically increased because the odds plummet in your favour to just 13 - 1. You only need to match 5 Main Numbers not 6, to scoop the jackpot. This is a major advantage.

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Build an income
Incomes are building fast as myself and the rest of the team are fully committed to helping those who join. Forget everything else.....
We are helping every member and keep in contact daily by email. Timing is critical if you want to be part of our immediate team!

Come on in now! We will help you along and together we can succeed like the rest of the team are doing already!

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Millionaire Statistics

1421 jackpot tickets have been worth more than one million to 29/1/2003

1244 jackpot millionaires have been created to 29/1/2003

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